When should I see an Orthodontist?

We recommend that children see an orthodontist for the first time around age 7 unless otherwise specified by the child’s dentist. At this time most children do not require treatment, but it is important to note any potential problems.

Why should I see an Orthodontist?

Orthodontists are specialists with 2 to 3 years of focused education beyond dental school in a full time, accredited orthodontic residency program. Dr. Hoelscher has expert knowledge on how the teeth and jaws function together so you can speak, bite, and chew properly.  Teeth that fit and function well also happen to look the best so you can be assured that you will get a beautiful smile!

What if I don’t want people to see me with braces?

At Duehr & Hoelscher Orthodontics, we provide many different options for the aesthetically conscious.  Dr. Hoelscher is Invisalign© certified and offers it to patients who qualify. Dr. Hoelscher also uses the latest in aesthetic brackets which are virtually invisible. 

I lost/broke my retainer, what should I do?

Call us ASAP.  It is important to have a new retainer made soon to prevent any unwanted movement of the teeth.  If it is broken, save it, and bring it to the office because many can be fixed.